​Message from Ambassador


  • Welcome to the official website of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam in Malaysia!

    As one of the ten ASEAN country members, strategically located in the Indochina Peninsula, Viet Nam is now well known for its dynamic economy, political stability, diversified cuisine with young, open-minded and industrious population eager to learn new things. After implementing the motto which is to diversify and multilaterize her external relations, to date, Viet Nam has established diplomatic relations with over 170 countries over the world, expanded her trade relations and promoted the importation to above 230 markets of countries and territories.   

    As one of the first countries in the Southeast Asia region establishing the diplomatic relations with Viet Nam in 1973 and one of the five founding members of ASEAN, Malaysia is not only playing a leading role in enhancing the cooperation in the ASEAN community, it is also making great influence in the international community, particularly to Islamic countries.

    The relations between Viet Nam and Malaysia have been nurtured and developed by many generations of leaders of the two countries. The biggest milestone in the two countries' relations is the establishment of the Strategic Partnership in August 2015. Accordingly, relations in terms of trade, economics, politics, culture, etc have been increasingly fostered, in commensurate with the potential and expectations of the two countries. In addition, the two countries are active and mutually supportive members at various fora, such as in the UN, APEC, TPPA, etc; and are active negotiators trying to finalize RCEP. 

    The Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam in Malaysia would spare no effort and is committed itself to be a reliable and effective channel to further bridge the bilateral relations which happily exist between the two countries, cooperate with Malaysian ministries and agencies, update the policies and guidelines of the Communist Party of Viet Nam and the State, and protect the legitimate rights of the Vietnamese people residing and doing business in Malaysia.

    Thank you very much.

    Trần Việt Thái

    Ambassador Extra-ordinary and Plenipotentiary of Viet Nam to Malaysia 


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