Information related to the Vietnamese in Russia

14/4/2010, immediately after receiving information about Vietnam 4 people were killed in the fire at the vegetable farm in the city of Noginsk, the capital Moscow and 30km to the east, the Consular Department the power steering had Vietnam Embassy in the Russian Federation directly sent staff to the scene of the fire to find out the case.


Embassy sent consular officials and community officers to the scene and said: there are 2 victims were citizens of Vietnam women were killed (not 4 as mass media has given), no one was injured. Embassy representatives exchanged views with representatives of the local authorities on measures to overcome the consequences of fires. Due victim identification no embassy should continue to cooperate with the investigating authorities and the citizens of the local Vietnam are working or living in the area of ​​fire in order to determine the exact identity of the victims staff to coordinate with their families soon put exam / relics buried them home.
To date, the Vietnam authorities have contacted the victim's family living in Moscow, and to identify and solve the next problem.

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