Information related to the Vietnamese in Costa Rica

Date 04/18/2010, representing the Embassy of Vietnam in Costa Rica Panama concurrently sent someone to Costa Rica to work with Costa Rican authorities and contact with the crew is on hold.


- According to the Office of the care and protection of victims of prosecutor Costa Rica, where the crew is custody Vietnam said 21 existing holding office who are citizens of Vietnam is working on fishing vessels Taiwan to serve investigate suspected cases have violated the human rights of seafarers.
- When meeting with representatives of the Embassy of Vietnam, the crew member said: dated 10/4/2010, when the fish are unloaded at the port of Costa Rica, the police arrested, they do not understand why are catch. They also said the boat owners and captains treated well, nothing has ever beaten, was eating well, although working conditions are relatively difficult.
- 15 crew members working on a second fishing vessel named MEN JIA WANG TAFU I and 89 have expressed a desire to continue to work on board until the end of the contract. Companies sending domestic crew crew confirmed the family had received their salary up to the end date of 10/2/2010.
- 6 crew rest are the crew fled the ship from 5/2009 and stay in Costa Rica illegally, they find life can not continue wandering a foreign land where it has surrendered cop.
- Representatives of the Embassy has offered Costa Rica authorities soon concluded our investigation and bring the crew back fishing vessels to continue working if they voluntarily. For those who wish to return home, the Embassy will provide details and help to their practice soon be returning.
Consular Department requires organizations and individuals concerned to contact the Consular Department to continue to settle in Costa Rica our crew.

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