The order of execution
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​Name step Description step
​1.​Submit Relatives of the dead, or the authorized person, a friend, the managing unit of the deceased to apply for a license in person or by mail to the agency representing Vietnam (diplomatic missions) in the countries with the dead or diplomatic missions concurrently or diplomatic missions in that country where the country's most convenient if the dead person has no diplomatic missions
​2.Receiving records
Where direct receipt at the headquarters of diplomatic missions, if the test shows a complete dossier as prescribed, staff-level seating promissory note results to their clients.
Consider and resolve
Profile diplomatic missions considered, if fully satisfy the conditions specified, diplomatic missions license to the applicant and to conduct the following:
- Record Book entry permit corpses, bones, ashes; announced the licensing of the Consular Department - Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Customs and border gate management agency Immigration Related gate;
- Stamp canceled passport or valid papers on exit and entry of people killed by authorities in Vietnam (if any); Cancellations value Passport / papers on the Immigration Department - Ministry of Public Security.

​4.Returns results CQĐD trả kết quả cho người đề nghị tại trụ sở CQĐD hoặc qua bưu điện.


Ingredients Profile
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Ingredients Profile
​1.01 petition brought corpses, bones, ashes to form water 01 / NG-LS issued Circular No. 01/2011 / TT-BNG
​2. 01 copies of passports or valid papers on exit and entry of the applicant.
​3.01 copies of documents proving the family relationship with the dead
​4.01 copy of the household registration book proposal in case the deceased was the Vietnam residing abroad have relatives residing in Vietnam
5.​01 original authorization documents in case the proposal is dead relatives authorization
​6.01 original documents in the case suggest proponents of bodies / managing unit of the dead, or is a friend, an acquaintance of the dead, if the dead do not have relatives or family members do not object to put corpses, bones, ashes to water
​7.01 copies of passports or valid documents for entry and exit of the deceased (if available)
​8.01 copies of residence permits in Vietnam of the dead in the case of the dead were foreigners residing in Vietnam
​9.01 copies of the death certificate issued by the competent authority of the diplomatic missions abroad or grant
​1001 copies of the certificate of hygiene, medical quarantine by the competent authority of a foreign country (for the bodies); Excavation certificate and sanitary certificate, medical quarantine by the competent authorities of foreign countries (for bones); Certificate of cremated remains (for ashes)
​11.01 snapshot application for permission to bring the corpse / bones / ashes of loved ones on the border of storage / preservation locally according to form No. 02 / NG-LS issued Circular No. 01/2011 / TT-BNG certified consent of the CPC / ward / township relevant Vietnam authorities granted or if the dead cemetery Vietnam who reside abroad have relatives residing in Vietnam
Number of records
Form, declaration form ​ ​ ​ ​ ​Documents specified
Name form, declaration form

Form 01 NG-LS

Form 02 NG-LS​​Download

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